I've talked to many of you about the finance side of search funds but have a different question for the community.

Two friends of mine are branching out on their own and creating a new software development shop (onshore/offshore teams). They both have built software and optimized workflows within large companies (Amazon and Liberty Mutual) and in small businesses, too. They recently developed a customer piece of software for a paving contract that collected bid information (historical), analyzed it and predict winnable bids for open contracts based on the contractors margin needs. That led to additional work optimizing tracking/scheduling trucks/material delivery.

I've known these guys for a while and know how talented they are. I personally think their skills would be a value add to the searcher community but wanted to ask everyone here. Is this kind of service of interest? They have an onshore and offshore team they've worked with for over a decade to help offset cost. Given the model of acquiring a business and optimizing it, I think they could be a valuable resource but wanted to confirm with this community.

If anyone is open to having a conversation with them about the search fund model or has immediate needs related to your current business, I would be happy to put everyone in touch.

Thanks in advance.