Hello fellow Searchfunders!

We have two deals in the "management consulting" space we're considering and would appreciate your thoughts and insights:

1. Niche healthcare (my background) with a focus on staffing agencies and their top-line growth and staff retention (recruiting and retaining staff and clients). Based on a personal brand, 3 customers = 51% of revenue. Low revenue customers with some multi-unit customers as "whales".

2. General leadership performance management consulting with a focus on 360 assessments and general leadership growth (industry agnostic). Not personally branded, 1 customer = 35% of revenue. Major brands as customers, with significant "land and expand" potential among current clients.

Two main questions:

1. Niche down and manage the personal brand hand-off or focus on the company with a more generalized approach?

2. What due diligence puzzles are most important to solve for these opportunities?

Thank you in advance for any guidance and experience you share!

NAICS###-###-#### for future reference)