Posting this because I think the answer might be useful to more people than myself.  My CFO and I are trying to decide if spending the money to build business credit for our companies through Dun & Bradstreet is worth it.  Basically, D&B would charge $2k/yr per entity and all financial transactions would be reported to the agency (debt payments, payroll, transactions with our suppliers).  Our companies are manufacturers and purchasing raw materials on credit is important for our "order to cash" timing, etc..  $2k/yr is money well spent if D&B ratings are considered important and a lot of businesses use that data.  D&B is a monopolist and probably not a benevolent one - so I would love to hear others' opinions on this!   Related questions: Did having solid data on D&B help you get lower interest rates on debt financing or did it help you get better terms?  Did it make is easier to work with suppliers?  etc.?