As most of you know, software represents one of the fastest growing industries of interest for search funds, due (in part) to its fit with many of the characteristics that searchers look for in an acquisition target. Though many of you are not yet software CEOs, many of you will be in the near future, so I thought this week's episode might be of particular interest to you.

Any software CEO can tell you just how critically important the Product Management operation is to their business. Problems in Product Management can deeply impact Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Customer Success, and substantially every other area of the company. Many of you will likely acquire a software company with no Product Management operation to speak of (this describes the company that I acquired in 2014, as well as so many others that I've seen acquired since then). If you're thinking about buying a software company, this is an episode that you should listen to.

To learn more about how to build and manage the best possible Product Management operation, I interviewed Rich Mironov, one of the world's thought leaders in all things Product Management. In addition to leading the PM operation at 6 different start-ups, Rich is now a consultant and coach for SaaS businesses looking to build and/or improve their PM operation. He is also a published author and a highly in-demand speaker based in part on his 30+ years of experience working with high growth software companies.

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I hope this episode is a useful one for you!