Are you a builder / interior designs / head of engineering at a hotel and want to get an amazing deal on a new line of sinks?

Looking to partner with a business willing to pre-order at least 50 sinks:
- we can make any color or design
- we can design any sink or design (several designs in the works for local clients in Florida)

Our sinks are made with GFRC concrete (glass fiber reinforced concrete) so they don't crack or expand; they're scratch-resistant, and lightweight compared to other brands (we've done a lot of testing to make them less weighty :D)

Recently, we've also experimented with cultured marble so our sinks are also non-porous - safe for any areas like hospitals or beauty spas, etc.

We sold some designs recently and we'll update the site within a few days with the new designs:

Let's make a win-win deal :)