Bruce Marks will be attending the McGuire Woods IS Conference in Dallas on October 2nd and 3rd. Bruce helps "buyers finance large Goodwill Business Acquisitions” with an enterprise value of $2,000,000 - $8,000,000. Bruce has numerous hours of training in recasting, valuation methods, buyer and seller negotiations, structuring and understanding the emotional impact of exit planning. This is what makes him an expert when it comes to business acquisition lending.. Bruce holds the designation of Certified Merger and Acquisition Adviser (CM&AA) and have also completed NACVA’s Certification Program for Business Valuations. I literally have closed over 1,100 transactions in my career.

At Radius Bank, "my concentration is strong Goodwill business acquisition deals". As an active lender in the M&A space across the entire U.S., in 2015, I funded 17 loans with a total valuation of over $40,000,[redacted]In 2016, I closed over $38,000,000 in enterprise value. In 2017, I closed another $37,500,000 in enterprise value and I have closed 13 transaction totaling $43,000,000 in[redacted]Thus far in 2019, I have closed and have in closing another $24,000,000. That’s a total of over $182,000,000 in the last four and ½ years.

Radius Bank is a National PLP Lender and is a very active and aggressive business acquisition lender. Radius requires a historic 1.25X Debt Service Coverage Ratio for at least the last year. This is our major hot button, NOT COLLATERAL! Radius wants to finance SBA Transactions as long as there is strong cash flow. Having said that, I welcome the opportunity to meet you. See you there!