I have been a member of the community for a few months now and have been trying to find ways to bring value to the group. As part of my research I began to notice something interesting. As we all know, there are far more companies who want to sell than there are companies who are READY to sell. They may need sales and marketing help generating revenue for increased valuation, need to make structural changes, clean up books, systematize processes, reduce overhead, etc,

As a result of this need, I have been working on a###-###-#### month framework with a well known business partner in the industry to assist with growing, scaling, and repositioning companies to get them ready for exit. This model has been applied to over 50 companies in all types of industries so far to great success. I know there are many people on the board who come across these types of companies all the time and say something to the effect of "Call me back in a year or two after you do X,." or "Once you hit X revenue call me." This is a program that can ensure that X happens. You would receive back a company in your pipeline with a much better profile and much higher valuation to sell or buy in a fixed amount of time and at no cost to you. Think of it as a risk free incubator for your future deal flow.

If you feel like this could be helpful for you, I am happy to chat further. Looking forward to connecting!