Any Experience with The Firm Brokerage in Omaha NE??? (

I just came up on the wrong end of an LOI!!! We're in the exploratory phase of a company listing with a brokerage firm called The Firm in Omaha NE. Really a poor effort on The Firm's part with the exploration process. Their timeline is a series of exploratory call and goes something like...

- Call #1 Intro Call
- Call #2 Exploration
- Call #3 Owner Interview

If all goes well, the next step is to submit an LOI. Truly disappointing this morning on Call #2 to be informed that we were following their timeline and missed out on what could have been a great opportunity for us. The company we were exploring went under contract... I know speed kills deals, right?

I wonder if there's any more I could have done... Last week's call (Call #1) I wanted to advance the process quickly, so I requested their LOI template (rather than using our own) and setting the appointment with owner to interview them. I confirmed this was our desire as recent as yesterday, but now I realize I was blown-off by being told that I needed to follow their process. My call (Call #2) with Rene their COO lead me to be informed that the business is under contract... What?!?

If I can do something to have my people move more expeditiously, please share with me.

PS - This is the second time this has happened with this firm!