Seeking capital.
We currently have an established and profitable Michigan brewery under LOI and are looking for 350-370k capital for a 15% equity position. The company has two locations and produces their own beer for sale and takeaway. The company has previously and currently brews dozens of proprietary recipes every year. TRANSACTION SPECIFICS • REVENUE: 4MM • EBITDA: 735K • MULTIPLE: 4.6x • OFFER: 3.5MM The company’s primary revenue comes from onsite food and beverage sales. Minor revenue is realized from sales of gift cards and merchandise. Currently no distribution contract has been explored but could generate significant retail revenue if the right distribution partner is chosen. The company and its two locations are well staffed with good management in place. There are several opportunities for growth that the retiring owners have chosen not to pursue, but will expand revenue and EBITDA with no or very little capex. I'm happy to provide a deck and discuss the numbers with any interested parties.

Michigan, USA
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