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We're a consortium in Denver working to build a network (consolidation or roll-up) of I.T. and SaaS companies to automate the fulfillment process.

We're inviting a seasoned M&A transaction attorney with over 20 years of experience to join our non-executive board of directors because of your legal M&A experience.

At the same time, a freshly retired attorney or near retirement attorney is a plus.

We currently have ten deals on the table.

Board members will never be asked for capital. Compensation will be sporadic bonuses, monthly payments, and free founders equity. This is a non-executive position meaning that it will only take 3-8 hours of your time every month in the beginning.

Then we require a minimum of 10 hours a month from you. We need basic due diligence on the financials of acquisition candidates, finding any suspicious clauses or red flags in the documents, and reviewing term sheets that the banks provide us for loans.

Mostly, you'll be supervising the law firm that we engage in doing our due diligence and reporting on their efforts.

If this interests you, would you like to see the 1-page executive summary?

But before I do that, I'm just curious about what's important to you when you're looking at a board opportunity?

Best regards,

Edgar Fernandez


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We're actively looking to acquire I.T. companies. Introductions leading to successful acquisitions can earn you a finders fee!