Hey all- hope everyone had a great weekend! I've found two interesting, but very different businesses. Wondering if anyone has had experience with either and would be open for a quick chat to answer some questions and give perspective on operational efficiency opportunities and biz models. Or pointing me in the direction of other people/ content on either biz would be great.

1) Farm to table food service- the company sources from different farms throughout the mid-west and then delivers to the customer's residence. Products range from meat (chicken, beef, etc) to frozen vegetables to frozen fruit. Meat is grass-fed, organic, etc and fruit/ veggies are organic. Focus here would be operational efficiency.

2) Physical therapy clinic- I can go into detail on current op model during discussion, but this one is a pretty basic. I'd like to talk through different models used in the space and most effective incorporation of insurance/ gov't funding.

Thanks in advance, team!