I'm a self-funded searcher just starting out on my journey. Searching part time for now, so have limited time. I've read the most relevant books, am listening to the most popular AE podcasts, I'm starting to let my network know that I'm searching, and I'm getting more excited about the journey every day. I'm looking for a business with $500k-$1.5M in SDE in Northern Utah. Would love to connect if you're playing in that world.

Question for you all......I'm thinking about diving into one of the courses or boot camps that are out there. Acquisition Lab, Contrarian Thinking, and Pursuant Capital are a few I've heard of, but open to exploring others.

Curious to know###-###-#### Are they worth it? 2) If so, any perspective on which provide the greatest value? 3) If not, what else should I be looking at?

Thanks all!