Looking for advice on how to handle a deal that involves heavy product concentration and hedging that risk in the deal structure.. Happy to connect directly!

I'm under LOI with a distributor of Biotech / Life Sciences research products (i.e. proteins, antibodies, reagents, etc. used by biological researchers). Owner is retiring. Company has seen impressive revenue growth of 30% CAGR over the past few years. However, this is primarily due to the success of 1 product, which now makes up about 70% of the company's revenue.

The company has exclusivity with the supplier of that product to be the exclusive distributor in North America. This exclusivity lasts for another 2 years, and then auto renews yearly thereafter if they decide not to terminate. Seller has a long relationship with the supplier and did not foresee any reason why the supplier would terminate exclusivity since revenue continues to grow year over year. Also, the revenue generated is small potatoes compared to what the supplier earns in licensing agreements for clinical research, so there is some aspect of flying under the radar.

I recently learned the supplier was acquired by a very large company last year. They have a massive sales force and distribution network, so now my fear is that they choose to bring that distribution in-house once the exclusivity expires. We will have a meeting with the supplier before close to notify them of the change in ownership and get comfortable with each other, but it still leaves the door open for them to terminate exclusivity a couple years down the road.

Any advice on how to hedge my risk of that exclusivity terminating and wiping out 70% of my revenue? Current structure has 10% cash injection, 20% seller financing, 70% SBA financing. Should I try to shift to more to seller financing with contingencies based on yearly renewals of the exclusivity, revenue targets, etc?