Well my wife and I don’t actually have a farm! Just figuratively speaking here but the sentiment is definitely there though. We have done a great job saving from our careers into our retirement accounts. Prior to having our two kids we used to flip houses we lived in on the nights and weekends. It was our original hustle. Nearly all the work on our own. Our retirements and the sweat equity have left us with assets that would allow us to put a sizable down payment on an SBA loan to bet our farm! We are the type of people that like to have great partners. From our financial advisor to our realtor to our banker. We’ve surrounded ourselves with great partners to make our journey even better. As we begin to embark on this ETA excursion, I look forward to finding our new great partners. I’ll be attending the Southeastern ETA conference in September and look forward to making connections. If you plan to attend the conference, comment below and I’d be happy to buy you a coffee (or a bourbon).