We purchased a roll-off dumpster business last summer, which has less than 10 employees. We'd like to offer a retirement savings option for EEs as a new benefit, both for retention purposes and to incentivize EEs to put money away for retirement. That said, we're mindful of the paycheck-to-paycheck mentality of many blue collar workers, as well as the likelihood of EE turnover over time.

Has anyone solved this problem in terms of a plan that is utilized (and valued) by EEs, but that doesn't create a nightmare to administer for a small business owner? 401k plan with a match? Profit sharing plan? And was the juice worth the squeeze?

And finally, for all the transaction experts on here, while we're not planning on selling anytime soon, how should we be thinking about the financial implications of offering such a benefit - i.e. the pros of EE retention vs the cons of ongoing funding liabilities to potential acquirers down the road?