Being a searcher is not easy and GRIT is required to see the prize through to the end (acquisition).

I have been reading GRIT, but Angela Duckworth and thought of this community. This should be beneficial to somebody out there. Here are my notes from chapter 1.

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• You don’t just have a job. You have a calling. • I may not be the smartest in the room, but I am the grittiest. • Grit matters more than talent. 1. What grit is and why it matters….showing up. a. West Point “Beast”….is about the “never give up” attitude. b. Who are the people at the very top of your field? What are they like? What do you think makes them special? i. Businessperson = ability to take financial risks. “You ‘ve got to be able to make calculated decisions about millions of dollars and still go to sleep at night.” ii. Artists = drive to be creative. iii. Athletes = love the thrill of victory. “Winners love to go head-to-head with other people. Winners hate losing.” iv. They are constantly driven to improve. v. They are the opposite of complacent. They are driven and never quite good enough. vi. They are satisfied with being unsatisfied. vii. Passion + determination + perseverance + direction = grit c. Questions about perseverance i. “Have I overcome setbacks to conquer an important challenge?” ii. “Do I finish what I begin?” d. Questions about passion i. “Do your interests change from year to year?” If so, then you are not gritty. ii. “To what extent have you been obsessed with a certain idea or project? Have been obsessed for a short time or a long time?” e. Your ability to stay in West Point has to do with one thing…GRIT. f. The spelling bee…grittier kids performed better in the competition. But no relationship between verbal IQ and grit. g. Ivy league undergrad….SAT scores and grit were inversely correlated. h. Our potential is one thing. What we do with it is quite another.