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Operating out of Las Vegas, this fulfilment, wholesale, and distribution of recreational consumables is proving unparalleled growth from 11 million to nearly 30 million over the last 24 months! Currently 35 states have legalized low-dose, natural consumables and at this upcoming mid-term there is projected to be another 6-9 states that will come online. Distribution and Logistics to other much smaller wholesalers makes up 59% of revenue, while 38% is sold Business to Business directly to operators and shop owners who will then sell to their store customers; less than 3% is sold direct to consumer and this is intentionally only for research and development. The active owner is willing to show good faith in the onward success of the business by staying on-board for 4-5 years while offering to roll equity and/or carry paper of 30% of enterprise value. He leads a strong team of about 40 individuals who are experts in this industry. This includes a CFO, SVP, assistant VP, a knowledgeable sales team, and warehouse staff to fulfill orders in their 12,000 sq. ft. distribution center in Southern California. This business has shown continual growth and is only expected to continue this trend. The current owners recently reinvested significant amounts of time and money into expanding operations. Not only will a buyer be able to enjoy the spoils of this recent focus, but they will also have multiple opportunities to continue this focus on growth. While there is an expected organic growth as more and more states allow THC and CBD products without needing individuals to possess a dispensary card, new ownership could also continue to expand on the recent addition to the business’s portfolio, delta-8. Delta-8 edibles are currently legal in 35 states and are often one of the only variations that are available to residents/businesses of “non-green states” Priced at $49,500,000 this diverse business endeavor is primed to provide new ownership with exponential success and continued growth opportunities. As the health benefits of hemp and cannabis products continue to be shared, the client base for this business continue to grow, especially for those businesses that offer borderline exclusive access to these products.

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