Seeking capital.
We are currently seeking investment opportunities in B2B software companies operating in Latin America. Our focus is on companies with recurring revenues and a strong presence in specific industries (verticals). Here are the key criteria for our investment mandate: Recurring Revenues: The target company should have annual recurring revenues between $4MM and $20MM, primarily generated from proprietary software (IP-owned recurring revenues). We value companies where the majority of revenues (over 70%) come from recurring software sales. Long-Term Vision: Profitability is not a strict requirement. We are interested in the long-term potential of the business. Our goal is to partner with companies that have a vision for sustained growth and can benefit from our collaboration. Management Team: We are looking for a dedicated management team that is willing to stay with the company and drive growth through acquisitions in the Latin American market. The management team will have autonomy in running the business, while we provide support and strategic guidance. Ownership and Financing: We acquire 100% ownership of the target company. Our investments are self-financed, and we do not depend on external sources for funding. This allows us to make independent decisions and focus on long-term value creation.

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