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B2B Brand in the Floral Supplies Vertical – eCommerce, Wholesale & Direct Sales Channels – All Growing – Over 2,000 Wholesale Accounts Website Closers® presents a business with a remarkable legacy and multiple brands in the Floral Supplies vertical. The company has been in business for decades, and while traditionally operated as a wholesaler and direct seller to Floral Shops all across the country, their expansion into eCommerce has accelerated growth in recent years. Today, all 3 channels are growing equally, so there has been no slow down in wholesale or direct sales, even as their online sales have grown tremendously. Most of their rapid growth online has come through Amazon.com This thriving enterprise, which celebrated their Centennial in 2015, today offers more than 10,000+ SKUs for retailers, while servicing more than 2,000+ wholesale customers, many of them having been purchasing from this business for many years now, giving them a consistent and reliable source for recurring sales.

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