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We're pleased to present an opportunity to acquire a rapidly surging name within the Construction Vertical. This Estimation Automation Service helps clients work out the costs of labor and material in the pre-construction phase of their projects, saving them money and making the process go much smoother. In a time when the cost of labor is such an important factor across the economic landscape, this is the type of company that can really help a construction company maintain their profit margin. Their excellent service within such a niche market has earned them the BUILD Magazine Excellent Award in Pre-Construction, astoundingly high profit margins, and a YOY Growth Rate of 56%, all while requiring minimal working capital / overhead. They utilize a highly streamlined, software-based system to provide as accurate and as consistent of results as possible to their clients using data to drive decision making. Their services can be used for a wide range of trades, from masonry and metals, to plumbing and painting. The versatility of their specialized product, on top of their effective results, have brought in a Repeat Customer Rate of over 80%, and a glowing reputation in its evergreen niche. While the company has benefited from a lack of competition in the market, one of the key reasons behind its massive size is their proactivity in reaching out to their target audience. They have exhibited in several trade shows, which have proven to be incredibly beneficial in growing their customer base. After attending just one show in 2020 and 2021, they generated over 300,000 USD in additional sales over the course of 12 months, and it’s expected that the company will receive $1M or more over the life cycle of clients acquired from that show. Given the major success that they saw after this one trade show, it goes as no surprise that they have planned to attend at least 2 to 3 trade shows over the course of###-###-#### These shows also provide a fantastic opportunity for a buyer to grow the business after acquisition, as they are widely attended by contractors and other groups who would be interested in the brand’s service. The company also utilizes an in-house marketing and client relations system to cultivate their reputation, strengthen their relationships with their customers, and attract new clients. However, while their current approaches have been incredible in scaling the company so far, they have several opportunities that, if followed up on, could propel them to the next level. They have a vast prospects database, with over 1 million contacts. This extensive list gives the company a large pool of possible clients to draw upon, which could, in the right hands, lead to exponential growth. The addition of SEO tactics on their website, partnerships with noteworthy figures in the industry, lead generation initiatives, and social media marketing are all possible ventures worth pursuing, as well. The structure of the company itself means that it isn’t held back by geographic limitations, giving the buyer a truly fantastic amount of room to scale the business across the nation. It also means that international expansion is easily within their reach, which would open up a world of new client bases and profits for the brand. They have already recently started to offer their services in Australia, and the results have been highly promising. The company could start to sell their services in other regions, such as Canada and the United Kingdom, greatly increasing their number of possible clients. The Construction Vertical and its contractors are universal, and because of this, so is the need for a high-quality Estimation Automation Service. They boast a large, experienced team of 65 employees, spread out between a variety of responsibilities and positions. The operations department alone consists of 45 workers specialized in 4 different categories, ensuring that no task goes unfulfilled or unattended to. Along with their operations department, they have a client support department to handle marketing and client relationship development, and a skilled software development team. The current ownership’s responsibilities largely consist of training new personnel, business development, organization leadership, and a few other important tasks. However, by creating a new business development department, the buyer would be able to significantly lighten their workload and streamline the management process. This deal stands at the precipice of even stronger profit margins, and rapid growth to put it far ahead of any possible competition. The current owners are willing to train the buyer and stay on in a limited capacity through the transition process, and its team will be transferring with the business, as well. If you would like to hear more details about this marvelous offering, then contact Website Closers today to learn more.

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