Company for Sale - Automotive Aftermarket Products Company 

Versailles Group has an exclusive mandate to sell an automotive aftermarket parts company in South America. The Company is a Manufacturer, Importer, Distributor, and Retailer, and has revenues of approximately US$70 million with an EBITDA of US$10.5 million in###-###-#### The Company’s financials are audited by PwC and all accounting is done in accordance with IFRS rules.

The Company would provide a purchaser with an excellent opportunity to enter or expand in South America with strong access to Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Furthermore, the Company’s ability to import and distribute automotive aftermarket parts could also be used for non-automotive products. 

In 2019, the Company will begin exporting to the U.S., which will enable the Company to grow revenues dramatically, and perhaps shift its headquarters to the U.S. 

As a leading manufacturer, the Company, is ISO-certified, and has highly efficient operations. The Company manufactures and sells roughly one million Lead-Acid car batteries annually. As an importer and distributor, the Company has an impressive list of long-term customers. As a retailer, the Company has developed a well-known, highly respected business with high margins. 

The lead acid car battery is one of the greatest products of all time. It is a well-proven technology and is 99 percent recyclable. The current hype around the Lithium ion battery is interesting, but it will never survive the test of time for many reasons. First, it is not recyclable. Second, one of the key ingredients, cobalt, is in short supply. Furthermore, the Lithium ion battery is not as robust as the traditional car battery. 

Just over 70 percent of the Company’s revenues are related to the manufacture and sale of car batteries, approximately 20 percent of the revenues are derived from the import and distribution of automotive aftermarket parts (over 3,700 SKUs). Leaving the balance to retail at just under 10 percent. 

The entire management team speaks Spanish and English. The Company has a stable workforce, access to large labor pool, and the workforce is non-union. 

To summarize, it’s a very well-run company. The family owners, who are of German origin, have owned and operated this business for 60 years. A good example of their efficiency is the 35-year master plan that they have for the property and plant. In 2017, they completed a US$7 million plant expansion, which will provide capacity well into the future. 

Our client, the seller, is responsible for our fees and expenses. 

For additional information, please contact:

	Donald Grava, Founder and President
	Versailles Group, Ltd.