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A premier digital platform for children's clothing is offering an attractive investment opportunity with a €2 million equity stake for 10% ownership. Having invested over €70 million in customer acquisition, the platform has successfully acquired more than 250,000 loyal customers, reflecting its strong market presence and customer retention. Key Highlights: Long Customer Lifetime: The platform focuses on children's clothing, resulting in a customer lifetime exceeding ten years, ensuring steady revenue streams. Diverse Brand Portfolio: Features a mix of top-tier brands such as D&G, Moschino, and Ralph Lauren, along with ten growing private labels, providing a broad and appealing product range. Strong Financial Performance: With a gross margin above 50% and potential to reach 60%, the platform maintains a healthy balance sheet with no interest-bearing debt. Over the last three years, it has generated over €100 million in sales. Investment Allocation: €1.2 Million: For purchasing merchandise from major brands. €0.5 Million: To expand the range of private labels. €0.3 Million: For investments in influencer marketing to boost brand visibility and sales. Investor Benefits: Dividend Returns: Expected average dividend return of approximately 11% annually. Strategic Involvement: Investors can opt to be passive portfolio investors or take an active role as board members, contributing to the company’s strategic direction and operations. Residency Option: Opportunity to obtain an Austrian residency permit. This opportunity offers a compelling investment prospect, combining strong financial performance, a diverse product mix, and a long-term customer base, making it an appealing option for investors seeking to enter the dynamic children's fashion market.

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