Good Evening,

Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Manny, I recently medically retired from the Army as a Medical Sergeant. I have an MBA, PMP, and am working on hammering out my MS in Accounting (GI Bill). Other than the military I have experience in banking and consulting.

I co-own a small glass and mirror business in San Antonio, TX. We source glass building materials, such as energy efficient replacement window glass, sliding/shower door glass, mirrors, glass table tops, and energy efficient solar screens. Currently we are on track to do $120K in revenue and YTD we have done about $69K. About 80% of our profits come from the glass products themselves with only 20% attributed to the actual labor.

The goal is to scale into a fully online business to sell our products online direct to consumer. I have seen this done by two other companies. One owned by a practicing dentist and one owned by a manufacturer. The business is ripe for disruption and the beautiful thing about it is that the people working in it still follow extremely archaic business practices such as pen/paper, fax machines, and not utilizing websites.

Would love to discuss this more with anyone who may be interested. SMB's are great, but in my opinion this is an opportunity that cannot be passed up! I am some meeting lined up for the next week to try to zone in more on the concept!