And, it's not happening!!!!!!! What's your opinion?

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We have excuses/reasons to lie to self or others. Every person has a life stage they would love to live, but fear does not allow us to take on that life. Many searchers are gaining good experience, but unfortunately many are also wasting their highly valuable time due to a lack of clarity. Further, I see a few professional players with efficient and established systems, but many of those are not even active here. I believe, this platform can use more incubators and mentors.

There are a lot more solid companies available for sale with proven track record and an established model. Fair market valuations would invariably lead to:

1. Substantially shorter search cycles
2. Better targets and more opportunities
3. Fewer disappointments, more confidence and less fear
4. Better focus, vision, and life
5. Quicker/higher returns and a better future through growth/evolution.

Opportunities are endless###-###-#### go get um tiger!

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