Hello, Searchfunder members!

We hope our March events were as illuminating and informative for you as they were for us. Everyday, we seem to learn something new or look at something old from a different perspective. It was fun learning about the similarities and differences in search globally, for our military veterans and our SaaS searchers. We also got a taste of how operators can overcome some of the marketing and sales challenges in running a small to medium sized enterprise that aren't talked about in B-school.

Last month, ^[redacted]‌ described how the highs of search were far higher than he expected and the lows of search were far lower. In April, we continue exploring that theme with several of our events: (i) ^[redacted]‌ will focus on managing the up & downs; ^[redacted]‌ will speak on transitioning in mindset from Searcher to Operator to Director to Investor; and ^[redacted]‌ shares the twists & turns of learning how to do deals.. We will also explore. as Kenny Rogers so perfectly sang, that moment when you've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. ^[redacted]‌ will discuss lessons learned in stubborn persistence after 6 years as a CEO. ^[redacted]‌ share his advice on the hard choices and lessons learned in trying to raise funding for his search and his path afterwards.

April also marks our first ever women of color in search meetup with special guest ^[redacted]‌. The idea sprang from our historic panel on EtA at the Harvard Business School's AASU conference in late February. I am delighted to extend the conversation.

In addition to our upcoming live streams, we encourage you to take a scroll through our past events catalog. Wherever you see the red video icon, a playback is available.

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We are always open to feedback on topics or potential guests that you believe would add to the knowledge base of our community.

Searching is Better Together,

Karen, Mark & Luke