Anonymous for NDA reasons, but I'm an operator (former successful self funded searcher) who has been approached by a Strategic acquirer who owns one of our main competitors. Our company is a Compliance related tech-enabled services business with strong recurring revenue and no assets/Capex. We'll hit EBITDA of ~$500k (unadjusted) end of this year and the Strategic is probably 15-20x larger than us. If we combine, they'll get client/geo expansion, price uplift, cross-sell, and cost-out synergies (plus the EBITDA of course). I am interested in selling since this could mark a good exit (and would very beneficial for our current employees as well)

Main question is what sort of transaction price/exit multiple should we aim for? Any thoughts or watch-outs on negotiating with them? How can I protect my employees? I'm humbly requesting any input or advice because these guys are much larger and I'm worried they'll lowball or take advantage of a young inexperienced operator.

Thank you!