Looking for a buyer.
Conservatively projecting to hit $17M in annual revenue, this company is primed for a buyer who can continue this growth pattern. They pride themselves on what they call “Elevated Everyday Apparel,” which they design, oversee manufacturing, and then distribute to their clients. The clients are highly reputable and recognizable, including Nordstroms, Burlington, PacSun, and as of last quarter, they are now rolling out Target! The company has manufacturers in Mexico, Guatemala, and China and distribution throughout North America. They have 10 of their own brands, over 50 licenses, and also do white label for retailers. The team is well developed with 4 in management/office administration, 7 in art and design, 3 in sales, and 4 in production. The two owners spend about 25 hours each in the business per week, with Owner 1 overseeing the production and sales team, and Owner 2 working with the art department and merchandising. One person could easily do both roles. This replacement salary is accounted for in the cash flow. As a show of good faith, they are willing to do a combination of promissory note and equity roll for 15%. With a purchase price of $3,640,000 and a down payment of $364,000, you would see a return of $487,662 after debt payment, a 134% return on investment!

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Los Angeles, CA, USA
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