Looking for a buyer.
The owner is looking to retire from this business. The owner can stay in the company during the transition to the new CEO (up to 24 months if desired). Everything is precisely documented (working methodologies, hierarchy, internal procedures, etc.) The Company was founded in 2013 in Barcelona (100% privately held), and has no debts nor bank credits. Nowadays, over 300 projects for clients worldwide have been carried. On an average, 2-3 new projects are delivered every month. Each project takes an average of 1-2 months to complete, and then an annual maintenance service is offered to the customer. This service becomes a recurring revenue and adds a +10% yearly to the initial project cost. The technological stack used is Google Flutter and Laravel, which are the most growing, trending and reliable when developing mobile apps and backends. The deal includes an in-house cohesive team and all the necessary computers to continue working. The culture of the company is well established and is based on respecting and helping each other, as well as putting the customer at the center. The company is part of a holding structure and operates as a subsidiary. One of the other companies of the Holding owns a fully renovated 125Sqm office in the center of Barcelona that could be added to the deal (approx. value of###-###-#### € - ###-###-#### €).

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exclusive representation
Barcelona, Spain
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