I acquired a custom trailer manufacturing company earlier this year, and am still trying to crack the code on the best way to track our inventory (raw materials - steel, sheets of aluminum, axles, etc.) in QuickBooks (Enterprise Platinum 21).

The major issue we are running into is 90% of our orders are completely custom or have multiple add ons to a "base trailer model" that end up making the trailer drastically different from the base starting point.

Making a bill of materials/build list for every single order would be full time job for multiple people, as we produce 10 or so trailers a week, and there are thousands of different options customers can add. This has been a non-issue in the past, as the previous owners just always kept very large raw materials amounts on hand (and we have great margins), but I definitely would like to get a better handle on our inventory so we can hedge our bets a little more as raw material prices continue to rise.

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.