Came across opportunity to take over and acquire local bakery. Seller opened shop 6 months ago but a recent family emergency is requiring her to move back to her country to take care of family member. She is owner/operator/baker and has few employees for the shop.

Due to urgency of sellers situation, they are motivated to make a deal to sell asap, and can train new owner (me) for 3 weeks. All equipment and kitchen appliances are new and cost itself is more than acquisition price.

if we were to annualize the 5 months of business since it’s been open, the revenue is 280k with SDE at about 150k. They would sell the businesses for a fraction of that SDE.

Would appreciate any input and especially connect with any one with experience opening, operating, or acquiring a small bakery cafe. My initial thought is to add value by placing a marketing strategy (currently none) and bringing on a full time baker/operator.

Would appreciate any thoughts or input you have. Thanks!