My team at, has secured an off-market, profitable, Seattle based HR management SaaS at 1x TTM Sales.

The company is an all in one HR management product built on Microsoft Sharepoint.

The company has been cashflow positive for six years, with adj. EBITDA in 2020 of $704k on $2.1 million sales.

In May we received an email from two founders looking to prepare their company for an exit. They were very excited about a new product they built for recruiters, and they wanted to use the proceeds from an exit to fund the new project. They knew very little about M&A so we gave the some friendly advice and built up a relationship advising them.

After a few months working together they asked, "What would you pay for our business." We told them the market was too crazy right now, and we wouldn't pay more than 1x TTM sales. The money was important for them, but more important was finding a good home for their team. They accepted our conditions.

There are two mega trends we are investing in with this acquisition:

Companies (like ours) are going fully remote and need better tools to manage and onboard employees. Microsoft's enterprise user base is growing 100% YoY, and it's ecosystem is expanding to catch up.

The target has been on relative autopilot for the past few years. The target does no outbound marketing, and the founders have been focused on outside projects.

Our team at First Principles (the team that built is leading the acquisition of Lanteria. We are an 80 person agency focused on B2B SaaS growth and product development.

We plan to execute our growth playbook in Lanteria over the coming five years to go from $2 million to $5 million annual sales. We also plan to work with the current development team to build a more user friendly product. One of the biggest issues we have seen in customer development interviews is the long onboarding process, and clunky UX/UI. That is why our VP of Product Nav Rajput will be involved from day 1.

We view this investment on a 5-7 year timeline to exit. With a C-Corp structure we think there could be a strong tax free exit for all involved after year 5 once revenues hit $5 million/year.

Our base case projects a 32% IRR and 4x MOIC. Please DM me or leave an email below if interested. Accredited investors only please.