In our last report on global search fund formations, we predicted that the number of new search funds in 2019 would likely be the same or higher than formations from the previous year. Our prediction was correct. There was a record number of search funds formed in 2019! Our crowdsourced data shows 237 search funds formed in[redacted]This continued a trend of mostly steady year over year growth for the last twenty years.

As soon as we can, we'd like to report on formations for the first half of[redacted]In speaking with our community members as we kicked off 2020, there was as strong a desire to start a search fund as in[redacted]However, once the pandemic spread some searchers were slowed down as their families adjusted to new work styles and they sought to understand how to search in a dynamically changing economic environment. Thus, we expect a modest dip in formations for the first half of this year that will be pushed into the back half. We'll have to see the data to know if our intuitions are right.

To provide even more accurate data for future reports, we're making a general call out to the search fund community to help us with crowdsourcing data on search funds, especially for the end of 2019 and the first half[redacted]Please check your search fund's information for accuracy and update it as needed. If you're aware of someone else's new search fund or an acquisition that's not listed, please direct message me or ^[redacted]‌ through Searchfunder.

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