Hi SearchFunder community,

We have been working on a European Search Fund program (Seqos Capital) that aims to improve the Search Fund experience for Searchers and Investors.

What do we plan to improve for Co-Investors?

• Standardized investor documents and process

• Digital subscription to a search fund

• Exit optionality via a Secondary marketplace

• Predictable access to Search funds / SME investing via our program

• Increasing the odds of a successful search and operation phase with training programs, knowledge transfers, and add. service offered by Seqos

What do we improve for Searchers?

• Reduced fundraising time due to pool of Co-Investors that can be accessed via Seqos

• Sourcing and M&A training and support. We help Searchers get access to proprietary deals with the help of our Sourcing tech stack

• Back-office support (e.g. Reporting, Admin...), so Searchers can fully focus on the Search.

• Operational support after the acquisition closed (e.g.Transition planning, Exec. Coaching...)

We are looking for a few more Co-Investors and two additional Investment Committee members with Search Fund Investing or Operating experience.

If you are interested in learning more about what we are building, please reach out and I am happy to share more information.



e-mail: --@----.com

Web: www.seqoscapital.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adrianbezler/