Hello All,

Do you have any active investors, lenders, or angels that can help get us across the goal line?

GWT is seeking $70k - $200k in exchange for 3% - 9% equity in the company, and we're open to the debt terms.

We have an IT service provider under LOI with a $4M term sheet for a revolving line of credit, and the seller agreed to its terms.

Our investment bank requires an upfront $70k payment by 8/31/22.

We currently have $25M of deals in our pipeline looking to sell to us.

The target company has been in business for 35 years, and the current owner has invested significantly over $9M into the company over the said time frame.

At this point, all we can get on the company's office space is an option to purchase it in a few years. The said real estate was worth $520,###-###-#### two years ago and could be instantly reappraised and refinanced for around $600,000.00.

Our IT consultants will start sending the target company referrals for B2B contracts between $300k - $500k, with the first one projected to close in the next 3 weeks. The signed contract is attached, and the seller's government bid on a new $2M contract is also closing in September.

(8/26/22 - our team already got them $300k in sales after one month!)

Here is the team: https://www.greatwesterntechnologies.com/team