Seeking capital for acquisition.
Unique opportunity to invest into a real estate portfolio typically controlled by physicians. These assets will appreciate significantly from their purchase price over the next 5-10 years given the demand for licensed ASC/ MOB SqFootage. The hospital/ factory model has been less and less attractive to hospital boards and administrators due to their lack of convenience to patients and their complex overhead/ capex requirements.

The rise in demand for ASC/MOB investments can be emphasized by KKR and Indianapolis-based healthcare real estate firm Cornerstone forming a partnership to buy more than $1 billion in real estate assets over the next few years.

Please email, [redacted] reply to this post, or DM Matthew Hogan for an NDA and project summary. Thank you in advance for your interest.

Thank you in advance for your interest.
Industry: Real Estate
Location: New England
Revenue: $1,000,000
Ebitda/NOI: $600,000
Proposed price: $7,000,000
Owner financing: $1,600,000
Target Debt: $5,400,000
Target Equity: $1,750,000
Collateral: Cashflow and Real Estate