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Amazon eCommerce Company in the Apparel Vertical – Multiple In-House Brands & Proprietary Manufacturing Relationships – 250,000+ SKUs Website Closers® presents an immensely profitable, high-growth private-label and re-sale eCommerce Apparel Enterprise that has demonstrated a keen eye for consumer trends and built the foundation of a very solid business on the Amazon Platform. The business has partnered with large, industry-leading manufacturers and distributors to offer a diversified selection of apparel products from white-label to mid-range to high-end brands. This includes underwear and hosiery to everyday essentials to outerwear and everything in-between. After building these relationships as a reseller of products, the company saw an opportunity to build its own private label brand of offerings. Soon they began sourcing and manufacturing their own lines of everyday quality apparel products that have received rave reviews on quality craftsmanship and design. Powered by this achievement, the company inspires its long-term goal of providing the everyday family with better apparel products at an affordable price. Today the company provides a substantial and highly diverse selection of super-quality apparel products with free shipping via Amazon FBA. The brand now benefits from a wide demographic net and has more than 250,000+ SKUs available through its Amazon platform. Aggressive scaling tactics and a leather-clad approach to operations management have paid off with a 268% Year Over Year Growth Rate in###-###-#### But their success story certainly doesn’t end there.

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