My search has been focused on SBA compatible targets and transactions so far but I'm at the early stages of evaluating a very interesting opportunity that may need flexibility beyond an SBA loan.

The company is primarily a DTC manufacturer of patented golf products. Their EBITDA has spiked from the 3-400k range in[redacted]all the way up to 1.2mm in 2020 and seems to be settling in at right around the 800k-1mm range. Some of this is undoubtedly the COVID effect but some of the gains appear to be more permanent and I think there are several avenues available for significant growth. I believe that the seller would like for himself and his kids to remain involved in the company in some capacity and understands that the valuation will have to reflect the risk of the COVID bump and take past performance into account.

I've spoken with several experienced SBA lenders about the possibility of forgivable notes but I'd like to be prepared for the possibility that a deal may require more creativity than the SBA will allow. Any recommendations for suitable debt alternatives?