Self-funded searcher here. I have a larger deal close to LOI that will require a different structure than the typical 10% equity, 10% seller note, 80% SBA loan. I met with the seller over the past two days and it's a competitive situation (multiple interested parties), but we had a really great connection and I'm confident that I can get an LOI signed with an equal or even slightly lower bid than the other interested groups.

It's a unique deal (not a typical "owner is retiring" situation - feel free to DM for more details if interested). Some highlights are that it's a long-standing and profitable services business, very high recurring revenue, very low churn, mostly residential with some commercial work, tech-enabled operations and processes, and lots of opportunity for growth. They'll do roughly $2.8M in EBITDA this year, and I feel confident that I could get an LOI signed for a price in the 5.8x-6.25x range.

I'm wondering if it's even possible for a self-funded searcher to obtain financing for a deal of this size and at this multiple range. I'd love to connect with any self-funded searchers who have done a larger deal like this, as well as potential investors and lenders who would be interested in a deal of this size and profile. TIA!