I just discovered this AI tool that helps you build a website within seconds.

Given how busy everyone is on Searchfunder I thought I'd share my discovery as it may help you not procrastinate on any ideas you have, like I did,

As a searcher I've always wished for a LinkedIn like platform where qualified buyers could connect with interested sellers. There are plenty of "businesses for sale" and plenty of broker platforms but they're usually overpriced and there are way too many sites to patrol. Many brokers these days seem better at being gatekeepers than actually selling the business. The trick to sourcing great business for sale is to find "off market" deals and this is quite challenging and time consuming. I also wished this same platform brought interested PE firms, Search Fund Investors & Family Offices together and match them up with Searchers like me who are willing to do the work, a win-win. I now find Searchfunder to be great for this but we're still missing the first piece.

When I stumbled upon this AI tool I entered a brief description of what I wanted and it quickly built me this...


Give it a try and share what this AI tool built for you