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Excited to announce our Second deal with pre-LOI due dligence completed and an Indicative offer made. We're thrilled to introduce Project Pluto, an A.I. analytics tool that's transforming day trading into a profitable venture. Here's why this deal is too hot to miss: Key Highlights: Profitable SaaS: Despite being a solo-founded venture, Project Pluto has generated an impressive $760,000 in profit over the last year, showcasing its ability to maintain profitability. Untapped Growth: With a current lack of dedicated sales efforts due to the virality of the product, there's significant untapped potential for growth. Hiring a B2B sales team could unlock substantial revenue growth. Underperforming & Undervalued: Project Pluto is a diamond in the rough. It has the potential to generate more revenue by leveraging underutilized marketing strategies, making it an undervalued investment opportunity. Revenue Snapshot: Average Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): $110,000 TTM Revenue: $1.4 Million TTM Profit: $591,000 Operational Efficiency: Project Pluto operates efficiently with almost no employees, and 3 contract workers thanks to a highly automated model. Expansion Opportunities: Explore undiscovered marketing platforms with 30 million new users. Offer high-ticket masterclasses and enhance customer support. Develop a mobile app to meet customer demand. Capitalize on influencer marketing opportunities. Expand into influencer-fueled affiliate systems for organic growth. Customer Love: Project Pluto boasts a dedicated user base, with customers sharing glowing testimonials about how it has transformed their day trading experience. Market Trends: Day trading is on the rise, and Project Pluto is well-positioned to capture this growing market, especially with the potential for collaboration with influencers. We have highlighted key influencers that we believe can bring the necessary revenue growth we need through partnerships. NASDAQ Surge: Market recovery and consistent growth in the NASDAQ indicate a favorable trading environment. Join the Success Story: Invest in Project Pluto and be part of the future of building tools and resources for profitable day trading. I am open to chat and discuss further.

Florida, USA
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