Hey everyone,

Ayan here from Dealwise. We're building an AI copilot for searchers and PE funds, and we're starting off by tackling one of the biggest challenges in a proprietary search: scaling your outreach to business owners.

Currently, you typically have two options:

1. Send large amounts of emails based on generic templates.
2. Have a team of interns send out fewer emails, but personalize them by hand.

The first option leads to low response rates, high block rates, and can eventually lead to your domain getting marked as spam. The second is incredibly time consuming and doesn't get you the volume you need to get deals in your pipeline.

We've built a solution to address this: our copilot accepts a list of leads and auto-generates personalized emails based on the website and LinkedIn profile of each acquisition target. This way you can personalize your outreach and also achieve high volumes.

If this sounds interesting to you, leave a comment on this post and I'll reach out!