Until I discovered the Entrepreneurial Operating System and the book "Traction" (link below), I was kind of playing house running our first company; making it up as I went along. I wish I knew about Traction before closing (https://www.eosworldwide.com/traction-library)

I would urge first-time operators to read Traction and at least use it like a recipe: make it your own, season to taste etc.

It's beloved by nearly every smart entrepreneur and business owner I know.

Why? It's so simple and cohesive, and it gets beyond the lofty strategy stuff and focuses on what nitty gritty (frankly boring) issues you need to solve to get there. And the tools are available for free if you're a DIY person.

If you already closed your acquisition, consider seeing where you are on processes by doing their organizational health survey: https://organizationalcheckup.com/oc/quiz.php?ucode=anonymous