I'm looking to connect with people who come from "unconventional" (non-MBA) backgrounds but still have managed to raise a fund and complete an acquisition.

For example: I'm a former maritime officer and cruise ship captain who has pivoted to tech and entrepreneurship, and currently, I serve as the COO of a 40-person adtech startup that was acquired in 2021 for mid-8-figures. I'm an operator to my core and love digging in and building a good business - but I don't come from the traditional background that seems to be standard in the search fund community.

Now I'm at a point where our earnout is expiring and I'm looking for the next big thing. Selling a company gave me a taste for M&A and this time I'd like to be on the buy-side, and I'm looking to potentially raise some capital for a South Florida acquisition.

I'd love to hear from similarly unconventional searchers and how they found success! What were your struggles and how did you get past them?

Thanks :)