Disclaimer OR why is this anonymous? I have a competitive FT job in NYC I'm trying to keep while prepping for the search. However, I'm here to contribute and learn so I'd appreciate any response for one/more questions below. Thanks all!

You raised search capital OR embarked on a Self Funded geographically focused search (North East in my case) - where do you start day-1 and in the first few months? I assume you have a website, LLC etc already.

Feel free to answer some or all of the question below. THANK YOU in advance!

1. What are the first key steps you need to take in the first[redacted]days?

2. How do you think of a schedule for yourself? e,g, direct sourcing X hours a week, contacting brokers Y hours a week etc.

3. Should you hire interns right away? If so, what should they do on day-1? (similar to question #1 and #2)

4. Say you decided to contact brokers:
4a. how do you find them?
4b. do you try to get on the phone with them or sign up for their email lists first to save everyone time?

5. Say you are also doing direct mail:
5a. any databases you could buy? Which ones?
5b. should you sign up for diff newsletters of chambers of commerce (COC) and organizations such as ACG? Should you call diff Chambers' of commerce? Anything else?
5c. Should you focus your COC outreach on big cities in your geographic region?

6. Anything else?

I hope the answers from more advanced searchers could help searchers who are just starting! Thanks in advance for contributing to the community. John