Seeking capital.
Im looking to acquire a fuel distribution company in Spain, and I need to raise funds (c. 14M EUR) for the acquisition. It has the following positives: 1) Potential to acquire at a 3x EBITDA multiple (EBITDA c.4M€) 2) Great cash generation 3) Diversified client base 4) Low capex requirements 5) Solid growth plan with potential for market consolidation 6) Positive returns, even with a negative scenario 7) I have a close personal connection to the buyer Of course, it also has drawbacks, although I would argue that some could also be regarded as positives. 1) High supplier concentration (but reliance goes both ways) 2) Company owned by a PE fund (but they are looking for an exit because their priority is elsewhere) 3) Low probability of a higher (>3x) exit multiple. I am currently undertaking the commercial DD, under discussions with a law firm (Barrilero) in preparation for additional DD work, and have soft commitments from 2 investors for around 20% of the equity.

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