Looking for a buyer.
Strategic acquisition (majority or full) of one of the largest brands in FoodTech among menu, restaurant, food, menu items, ingredients, location, online ordering, advertising/advertisers, search ads, data and machine learning analytics - in the food/restaurant technology vertical.

All competition has sold well above $100MM - $800MM through strategic acquisitions (not EBIDTA or revenue based acquisitions). This is not an EBITDA based deal, and neither were any of the acquisitions in this category (they all ran in the red). This company however does revenue in the black, and at an 85% - 95% profit margin, with a 20%-25% MOM growth rate.

Highly automated. Very lean. Ripe for scaling and growing. Revenue channels include (1) enterprise data licensing, (2) major advertiser contracts, (3) online ordering transaction fees, and (4) search ad revenues. Operational costs are next to nothing. And the company is ran in the cloud, therefore fully remote.

Once this company is grown/scaled, the revenues will drive opportunities within the private equity PE space, not just strategic acquirers. An exit is anticipated within 18-36mos after buyout (or sooner), and done/scaled correctly, this company has the opportunity to exit among its peers in the[redacted]figures, depending upon how well you grow and position the company. In fact, if you know the right groups, you may be able to simply flip the company overnight.

We have a CEO in mind who is a food/restaurant industry titan, but that's up to you to decide. This same person is also interested in investing alongside the majority stakeholder.

Founder will stay on for a time, and remain on as advisor and board member to the new owner. I will also stay on as advisor and board member, as well.

(((Side Note: I provide investment banking, capital raise, and buy/sell M&A. I also advise leaders in strategies, monetization, innovation, exit strategy, revenue generation, and partnerships. - Please reach out to me directly.)))


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