Hey all,

I have been looking to the MSP / IT services space. Thanks to this platform and the copious posts, I am starting to develop a rubric on how to assess an opportunity in the space.

My knowledge set is of course not complete and I was hoping to fill some of these gaps with help from operators (or former operators) and investors in the space. Specifically I have been thinking about :

1. Product and service offerings

With such an assortment of services being offered to a variety of clients and industries, in an array of formats, I was curious how an operator and or investor would think about an acquisition as it relates to a target's existing offerings and clients. With so many companies calling themselves "MSPs", how is a seasoned mind going to assess a company's offering?

2. Market trends

Apart from a trend to consolidation, I had some takes on trends likely to impact this sector in the future but again figured an operator and or investor would have a better 30,000 ft view.

Just message me or email me at --@----.com Thanks!