Hi Searchfunders.

This post is aimed at searchers seeking to acquire a business in the UK.

A quick intro about me, I work at Ascent M&A Consulting, a UK based deal origination consultancy. We also support sell-side advisers with M&A projects so we sit firmly in the middle of buyers and sellers of business in the UK and Europe.

We have recently launched a platform in which M&A advisers list UK businesses for sale with a minimum of £1m Revenue and/or £100k adjusted EBITDA. Most companies on there are much larger than that.

As a big supporter of the search fund community, we would very much welcome UK focused search funders on the platform. It's free to join and free to connect with the advisers behind the deals. Anyone that signs up is approved by one of our team personally (a website, LinkedIn check etc.) because we want to maintain a highly professional community and ultimately increase deal flow in the UK.

Please come and take a look when you can. It's early days but we already have some interesting companies on the platform including a few with £1m+ EBITDA.


Best, Jack