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Our client is a firmly established 70-year-old company which sells American-made flags, and the highest quality flag-flying and display accessories. With a well-established clientele, they provide superb customer service to customers who keep returning when their flags need replacing. They sell flags of all types, including state, country, and specialty flags. They also sell indoor & outdoor display accessories & only work with the makers of the highest quality products. Customers include state, county, and city governments as well as federal institutions; including but not limited to the USDA, DoD, Treasury Department, HHS & DOL. There has always been and will always be a need for flags. The industry is comprised in large part, of older people near retirement. Our client saw an opportunity to disrupt the industry and leverage the internet, software, and other web-based platforms to scale the business while maintaining the mom-and-pop shop feel. One of the current owners had worked in government contracting for several years and had an intimate understanding of how government purchasing operates. This knowledge was integrated into the business and its sales processes. While our client didn’t start the business, they were aware that there is a legitimate need for American-made flags. Most government entities are encouraged or required to purchase American-made flags from small businesses. Flags flown outside always wear out and need to be replaced on regular cycles. There is little competition compared to the situation for similar industries such as signage providers. The majority of our client’s business is processed through its estimates and invoicing system. They have a documented estimate and invoicing processes called SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for ORDER CAPTURE & FULFILLMENT, a brief and clear set of instructions for taking orders. Additionally, our client put a lot of time and attention to detail into providing clear, concise descriptions of their products to help guide the customer. NDA is required to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Facilities: Outlined in CIM Growth & Expansion: Our client’s customers have remained consistent for decades. Focusing on state, county and local governments avoids many contracting difficulties. It can be advantageous to work with these customers to break up order size to stay below their spending limits. People are now accustomed to ordering products online from a variety of sources across the country. Our client is leading the charge and offer superior products over many other online retailers. Financing: No Seller financing available Support & Training: As required Reason for Selling: Owners wish to move on to other projects.

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