6 Acquisitions, 9 Exits for $26 Million with Raleigh Williams of DealMaven.io Success Bigger than he ever thought it would be.

Show Notes:

00:00 Intro

00:26 lasted for 9 months as M&A attorney

02:36 Escape Rooms

04:20 You Ruined Your Life - Friction from Family

06:31 Massively Undershot Cost & Time

08:06 If you leave a M&A law firm...you can NEVER go back

10:34 When did you start seeing a little success?

13:21 Who is the WE in you partnership

13:54 Goal $100 Million BHAG

18:29 Net promoter scores for Escape Rooms

18:48 Where the acquisitions you made easy?

24:56 Do you work well with your partner - brother

26:38 Business unit performance

27:50 How do you 6 Acquisitions and 9 Exits?

32:34 Did your Dad admit he was wrong about you?

34:30 What is DealMaven

38:27 How did you get listings on DealMaven

39:32 Why partial acquisitions

43:04 Coaching & Passive or Active Money?

50:29 Are you licensed to sell securities

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